Whether you are hosting a conference, webinar, or some other program related to nonprofit management, we have a professional who is dedicated to the topic and has extensive speaking experience.

Industry trends

Nonprofit Speakers Bureau

There is no substitute for the unique financial perspective of a CPA who has knowledge and experience in nonprofits. CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen) has a team of nonprofit speakers who can deliver relevant and thought-provoking presentations for your conference or organization. This listing is a sample of popular topics in the industry. CLA speakers are nationally acclaimed nonprofit resources and frequently featured at top industry conferences.

To request a presenter for your upcoming event, contact one of the professionals below or ask CLA for a recommendation.

Topic Speakers Video

Accounting department outsourcing

John Wooldridge


Accounting standard changes and updates

Cathy Clarke, Trent Fast

Alternative investments (accounting, tax and governance)

Karen Gries, Jennifer Tingley

Automating your accounting department

Lisa Stover, Keven TruhlerJohn Wooldridge



Nat Bartholomew, Bill LeClaire


Board financial oversight

Bruce Braunewell, John Langan


Board governance/fiduciary responsibility

Nat Bartholomew, Bill LeClaire



Lisa Stover

Building financial reserves

Ben Aase, Mark Griffin, John Langan

Charity registrations and reporting

Karen Gries


Cost allocations for better management

Ben Aase, Kelsey Vatsaas


Dashboard reporting and data visualization

Ben AaseNat Bartholomew, Lisa Stover

Employee benefit plans/arrangements

Anita Baker, Kelly Davis


Enterprise risk management

Jim Kreiser, Megan Moore, Brian Pye

Executive compensation/intermediate sanctions

Kelly Davis, Karen Gries


Federal grant compliance/uniform guidance (single audits)

Rebecca Field, Rachel Flanders


Finance department assessment

Kelsey Vatsaas


Financial modeling

Kelsey Vatsaas

Fraud detection and prevention

Don Loberg


Health care reform

Anita Baker, Kelly Davis


Information technology/cybersecurity

Randy Romes, Brian Pye


Internal controls

Don Loberg, John Tauer, Brian Pye


International activities

Deirdre Hodgson


IRS examinations

David Trimner

IRS form 990 /IRS workplan

Karen Gries, David Trimner

1099 compliance

Karen Gries


Lobbying and politics for nonprofits

David Trimner


Nonprofit lifecycles

Kelsey Vatsaas


Organizational ethics

Bill LeClaire


Revenue recognition

Cathy Clarke, Trent Fast

State and local taxes for exempt organizations

Karen Gries


Strategic business planning

Ben Aase


Succession planning

Ben Aase


Unrelated Business Income

Karen Gries, David Trimner

Industry Speakers Video

Association/membership organizations

Nat Bartholomew

Charter schools

Ben Aase


Independent schools

Sarah Reichling



Jennifer Tingley


Higher education

Bill LeClaire, Don Loberg



Bill LeClaire, Jeff Roberts


Social services

Kelsey Vatsaas