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Use these complimentary resources to start a conversation with your organization about the efficiency, security, and overall state of your financial operations.

Religious Organizations: Tools and Resources to Assess Your Financial Operations

Assessment tools

Financial Operations Assessment Tool

Use these questions as conversation starters with your team and board of directors to help you evaluate the volume of your organization’s financial workload.

Technology Readiness Assessment Tool

Assess your readiness for stronger, more manageable financial processes and tools.

Webinars recordings and presentations

Business Solutions for Religious Organizations

See how integrated financial management tools and services can help you focus on your mission, not the numbers.

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Accounting System for Religious Organizations

Get an overview of cloud accounting and financial management software in a demonstration of the Intacct cloud accounting system.

Audio clips

Tips to Protect Personal and Organizational Data

CLA’s Randy Romes gives a real-life, real-time demonstration of how easily security can be breached, and ways we can protect our personal and professional information.


New FASB Update Challenges Nonprofits to Improve Financial Reporting

The compliance effective date to improve nonprofit financial statements is fast approaching. The dates are December 15, 2017, for fiscal year entities, or December 31, 2018, for calendar year entities.

Ten Ways to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Nonprofits

Be proactive to detect and prevent fraud in your organization.

Going Paperless Can Save Time and Money

When you hear the phrase “going paperless,” you might assume it means you’ll no longer be using paper for daily tasks or even have access to it in your office. This isn’t true or practical. Learn more about using paper wisely while turning to more secure, “paperless” alternatives.

Reasons to Adopt Paperless Payments and Stop Cutting Checks

Millions of people make payments on their computer or mobile device every day. Vendors, suppliers, and others can connect with you the same way.

How we can help

Business Solutions for Religious Organizations

Learn how you can save time, money, and headaches with professional financial management tools, cloud-based applications, and services developed just for religious organizations.

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