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It only takes a few minutes of your time, but the insights you share can help others solve problems and employ people across the world.

Share Your Knowledge With Others: Take This Global Survey of Entrepreneurs

  • 7/24/2018

As a successful entrepreneur on the global scene, you’re in a great position to keep innovation alive by giving us a glimpse of the ways that you create and seize on opportunities, do business in a challenging markets and regulatory environments, and generate jobs for people. Participating in Nexia International’s first global survey of privately owned businesses is one way that you can share your experiences and thoughts with our international network and spread your wealth of knowledge.

Innovation knows no borders. Across the globe, people are starting businesses to solve real-world problems, connecting across the globe for collaboration and progress. This initiative will enable us to better understand the challenges and needs of our entrepreneurial clients so we can better serve them and share ideas that spark growth.

The survey will only take two to three minutes to complete, and your responses will be kept anonymous. We will publish the survey results in a future Perspectives email.

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