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Our higher education presenters are frequently featured at top industry conferences. We tailor our content to your specific audience and industry.

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Higher Education Speakers Bureau

There is no substitute for the unique financial perspective of a CPA who has extensive experience in higher education. CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) has a team of experienced higher education speakers who can deliver relevant and thought-provoking presentations for your conference or organization. This listing is a sample of popular topics in the industry.

CLA speakers are nationally acclaimed higher education resources and frequently featured at top industry conferences.

Contact CLA or any of our professionals below to request a speaker for your upcoming event or to learn about additional topics not listed.

Topics Speakers
Trends in higher education Don Loberg, Bill LeClaire, Chad Lassen
International tax Deirdre Hodgson
Business process improvement and redesign Don Loberg
Public private partnerships Don Loberg, Chris Knopik
Enterprise risk management (ERM), risk assessment Don Loberg, Taylor Powell
Student financial aid Brenda Scherer, Caroline Wright
Internal controls Christina Bowman, Chris Kessler, Caroline Wright, Don Loberg
Federal grant compliance Rebecca Field, Caroline Wright, David Robydek
Health care reform Anita Baker, Kelly Davis
Information security and cybersecurity Randy Romes, Mark Eich
Institutional efficiency and cost containment Don Loberg
Financial reserves Deirdre Hodgson
Revenue recognition Mike Johns
Lease accounting Sara Doyle, David Jacobson
Institutional investing related to higher education Mark Griffin
HR related to higher education (see below for related HR competencies) Sarah Conroy
Financial modeling and budgeting Taylor Powell, Don Loberg
UBIT related to higher education Karen Gries
Composite score / benchmarking Bill LeClaire, David Jacobson, Chad Lassen
Key performance indicators (KPIs) Don Loberg
Audit processes / best practices / new audit guide Brenda Scherer
Employee compensation, including executive compensation Sarah Conroy
NCAA programs and related subjects Jean Bushong
Investigations / fraud Don Loberg, Ernie Cooper, Matt Anderson, Chris Knopik
Strategic budget allocation Don Loberg, Taylor Powell
Onboarding the CFO / vice president Don Loberg
Strategic management frameworks Don Loberg
Internal audit in higher education Don Loberg
Title IX Sarah Conroy
Organizational design and development, including workforce and succession planning Sarah Conroy
Employee benefit program design for higher education Sarah Conroy
Industries Speakers
GASB updates related to higher education Chris Knopik, Mike Johns, Nancy Gunza, Chris Kessler, Jean Bushong
FASB updates related to higher education Bill LeClaire, David Jacobson, Deirdre Hodgson, Chad Lassen, David Robydek
Nonprofit and government tax related to higher education Karen Gries
For-profit and career colleges Don Loberg
Nonprofit colleges and universities Bill LeClaire, Chad Lassen
Government colleges and universities Jean Bushong

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