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When the values of a culture are embraced, modeled, and transferred to the next generation, new leaders can smoothly take over and build on the existing rhythm.

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The Spirit of Succession: Look to the Future, Build Today, and Pass It On

  • Denny Schleper
  • 12/20/2016

Terry Enger, chief practice officer of the Midwest region, told me recently, “I never dreamed I’d be in business with my friends for all of my life.”

Those words hit home as we celebrate the accomplishments of 20 leaders who are now passing on their roles to a new generation of professionals in the firm. It is a sentiment echoed by many of those who have served CLA over the years, and it makes this firm unique. But it is not a coincidence that we have the opportunity to work with people we value as friends — it is intentional, and it requires a commitment to each other and to the firm’s shared values.

When our various leaders retire, they leave CLA a better firm than the one they joined. They demonstrate that the spirit of succession is truly at the core of our service to our clients and each other. It is a key piece of our vision for CLA. Our goal as CLA professionals is to look back with pride on all we accomplished during our time here so that our successors can look forward to an even better future.

A strong sense of culture is at the core of a succession firm.

The promise of culture

Our culture is the framework that captures the essence of our collective beliefs and helps us express our genuine desire to help clients and each other succeed. CLA leaders have one goal: to live the CLA Promise through exceptional personal service. When we passionately live the Promise, we achieve remarkable outcomes. We develop engaging and meaningful careers, we strengthen our relationships with loyal clients, and our firm consistently grows. In turn, these positive outcomes ensure that the succession organization we envision continues to evolve.

A succession culture

CLA counsels individuals who own and lead businesses and organizations to fulfill their dreams and help shape the future for the benefit of those who come after them. In the same way, CLA wants to leave a legacy of our own and hand down a firm better than the one we joined. As the world becomes more complex, we must develop people who can respond capably and confidently. The emerging leaders at CLA must be innovative, nimble, adaptable, open-minded, and highly skilled. They will have more tools and resources at their disposal, more experience to build upon, more specialized professionals with which to assemble teams, and more capacity to impact people and organizations in every corner of the world. And, in turn, they will yield an even better firm for those who follow them.

Good people leading by example

Good people look to a future beyond themselves. They know that everything they do has consequences that will affect the lives of those who succeed them, and they take deliberate action to create a present that will lead to a better tomorrow.

One of the highest manifestations of the CLA Promise is helping good people leave a legacy. Undoubtedly, the following people have left a legacy for which we are truly thankful.

Steve Bodine

Steve Bodine, Principal-in-Charge

Greg Brault

Greg Brault, Principal

Terry Enger

Terry Enger, Chief Practice Officer

George Fallon

George Fallon, Principal

Anita Ford

Anita Ford, Managing Principal

Gary Frazer

Gary Frazer, Principal

John Gady

Bill Gady, Principal

John Gorman

John Gorman, Principal

Randall Hice

Randall Hice, Principal

Ben Horak

Ben Horak, Chief Tax Officer

Tom Johnson

Thomas Johnson, Principal

Chas McElroy

Chas McElroy, Chief Quality Officer

Barbra Morrison

Barbara Morrison, Principal

Dan Peterson, Principal

Gerry Pfeiffer

Gerald Pfeiffer, Principal

William Potvin

Bill Potvin, Managing Principal

Bert Rosenberg

Bert Rosenberg, Principal

Kenneth Sibley

Ken Sibley, Principal

Randy Sylvan

Randall Sylvan, Principal

Scott Townsley

Scott Townsley, Principal

Alan Zexter

Alan Zexter, Principal