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When it comes to preventing cyberattacks, “nobody can be 100 percent safe, but you can be disciplined,” said Randy Romes on Twin Cities News Talk Radio.

Preventing Cybercrime

Podcast: Romes Gives Tips to Protect Personal and Business Data

  • Randall Romes
  • 10/16/2015

CLA’s Randy Romes appeared on Twin Cities News Talk’s Up and At ‘Em show to give a real-life, real-time demonstration of how easily security can be breached, and ways we can protect our personal and professional information. Romes, an information security principal, reminds us that “nobody can be 100 percent safe, but you can be disciplined” and prevent yourself from being an easy mark.

Users are the first line of defense

In his segment, Romes explains that individual users often are at the root of security breaches, both physical and digital. Cybercriminals are getting more and more sophisticated, and the more users are educated about identifying security weaknesses, the more attacks can be prevented.

Rethink password strategy

The biggest concern many users have is surrounding password security. Romes detailed some tips for securing your information via a strong password strategy:

  • Don’t think of a password; think of a passphrase. It’s easier for you to remember and harder for criminals to guess.
  • Use two-factor authentication (e.g. a password plus a text message confirming you logged in) whenever possible.
  • If your workplace has mandatory password changes, use that time as a cue to change your other passwords as well.

How we can help

Cybercrime continues to be an evolving risk for both individuals and organizations. Here are some techniques to protect your personal financial information from being stolen. For those with a business or organization, we can help you develop defenses that may prevent cybercrime.

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