Whether you or your third-party servicer makes these errors, your higher education institution is on the hook for the 10-day correction period. This report will help you comply.


New NSLDS Enrollment Report Helps You Understand and Correct Errors

  • Chrissy Bowman
  • 12/13/2016

If your higher education institution has been getting inexplicable “error” records when reporting to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), help is on the way.

Federal regulations require you to submit a corrected record within 10 days of receiving an error/acknowledgement file. All too often, these errors appear as you send enrollment information to NSLDS, but your institution or third-party service provider does not correct them. Several institutions expressed concern over the lack of explanation for these errors, which made corrections difficult. It’s been a frustrating process for many in the industry.

But the Department of Education (DOE) has heard your complaints. It now offers an auto-generated, downloadable report to help you more easily identify the specifics that trigger these error records and use that information to correct them within the 10-day timeframe. As of November 2016, you have access to the new enrollment errors report (SCHER5) in NSLDS.

The report can be downloaded in Excel or as a fixed width or CSV file into your SAIG mailbox. The file includes individual student records and the specific error code associated with each record.

It’s important to remember that even if you use a third-party provider, compliance responsibilities ultimately reside with your institution. If your vendor fails to meet the DOE’s enrollment reporting requirements on your behalf, it’s you who are accountable. You can (and should) use the new enrollment errors report to monitor your third-party servicers to make sure they are meeting your obligations correctly and on time.

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