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VANHA and the LeadingAge state associations of Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida are partnering with CLA to offer an operations and compensation survey for both senior living housing and affordable housing members.

LeadingAge Members in VA, MD, NC, SC, and FL: Submit Your Operations Data by April 1

  • 2/12/2013

LeadingAge Members in VA, MD, NC, SC, and FL: Submit Your Operations Data by April 1

The Virginia Association of Nonprofit Homes for the Aging (VANHA), LeadingAge Maryland, LeadingAge North Carolina, LeadingAge South Carolina, and LeadingAge Florida are again partnering with CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) to offer an operations and compensation survey.

This survey will analyze the operational and financial information for continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), senior living housing, and affordable housing (HUD) members from these five states. We have a deep surveying history with state associations and are excited to be collecting this critical data again this year.

The assessment will compile component costs, staffing ratios, full time equivalents (FTEs), and other key indicators and will compare your specific data to the medians and averages of all respondents, peers in your state and participating states. Whether you use the results to compare your staffing levels to similar organizations, or examine your supply costs, the results will provide a wealth of information to improve your finances and operations.

Operations and compensation data can help improve your operations

Each year we hear stories of how senior housing communities are using the information to improve operations. For example, one nursing home administrator had a hunch that his mix of nurses was top heavy at the registered nurse (RN) position. Compared to peer organizations in the report, he was in fact oversupplied at the RN level. By bringing his staffing levels in line with other senior living entities, his organization was able to reduce labor expenses. Other organizations have used the data to reduce their daily supply costs.

Example reports

Your participation counts

The value of these projects is dependent on the participation of all eligible members. We strongly encourage you to take the time (estimated three to four hours) to complete the survey. Participants will receive a first draft of the report to make revisions. After edits are received, the comparison database is re-run and final reports are prepared.

Based on historical involvement, we estimate this year’s participation to include over 75 CCRCs/senior living housing communities and over 30 HUD communities.


All fees for the survey are submitted to your LeadingAge state association to help fund education and offset membership fees. Please see correspondence from your association for a schedule of fees.

Date Action Item
April 1 Submit your completed surveys to CLA
April 15 CLA circulates initial reports to participants for comment
April 23 Submit your edits to CLA
April 30 Final reports are released to participants

Download and complete the survey

Submit your completed survey to Jon Hansen at jonathan.hansen@cliftonlarsonallen.com.

Mario Mckenzie, Health Care Partner
mario.mckenzie@cliftonlarsonallen.com or 704-998-5236

Sue Bunevich, Health Care Partner
sue.bunevich@cliftonlarsonallen.com or 407-802-1226

Jon Hansen, Health Care Manager
jonathan.hansen@cliftonlarsonallen.com or 704-998-5249