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Optimizing your plan will ensure that your company is paying for the most cost-effective level of services it needs.


How Contractors Can Save on Their Wireless Bills

  • 11/11/2014

A wireless plan for a business is similar to a family plan — the more devices there are, the more data you need, and before you know it, your bill is multiplying. At times it may seem like you can never get enough data capacity.

Data is at the heart of business today, and it is crucial for our devices to stay connected. Because data is so vital, wireless bills can be perceived as a necessary fixed cost and easily overlooked as an area to cut costs in your business, especially if the tradeoff is reducing service quality. A small to mid-sized contractor can easily incur monthly wireless bills ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars each month. Although wireless services are necessary, these bills should be scrutinized.

Efficiency versus service creep

Mobile devices and applications are providing immediate feedback, up-to-date information, and communication to and from virtually anywhere. The days of unrolling blueprints and laying them across the hood of your truck are quickly coming to an end and are being replaced by iPads or other various tablets. Contractors are becoming more aware of the efficiencies and cost savings made possible by mobile devices and, as a result, are purchasing more of them. This trend has not gone unnoticed by wireless providers, who are facing tougher competition than ever before. In response, some of the largest national providers have offered promotions to double your data for no additional cost.

But wireless bills are not easy to understand, and the structure of some plans can be extremely confusing. When you purchase more devices and more data, your plan may mutate, creating new contracts that incur additional charges. You may be left paying for services you do not need and may not understand.

Optimizing your plan

Optimizing your plan will ensure that your company is paying for the most cost effective and efficient level of services it needs. This may mean restructuring your plans based on your company’s historical usage patterns, and eliminating unused features that result in additional fees. This can drastically reduce your bill.

In addition, as you fully optimize your plan, you may also discover which carrier is the best fit for your company. Though many of the providers sound similar, very few offer a truly contract-free option for your devices, which offers businesses the most flexibility. Termination fees can be costly and, as your needs change, so will your plan.

How we can help

In most cases, you can reduce cost of your monthly wireless service. CLA’s team of analysts can help you dissect your plan and look for efficiency and cost savings at no cost to you.

Our complimentary assessment includes:

  • Reviewing all of your company’s wireless invoices for the most recent month
  • Evaluating your current service to determine if cost reductions are feasible
  • Providing a range of potential savings

Taking a close look at your wireless bill is one of the many things that we tell ourselves we will get around to doing someday. CLA can help you get a better sense of what you’re paying for, where you could save money, and what you might need in the future.