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Administrators at single and multisite aging services organizations have long valued this annual study for its authoritative look at compensation and other timely issues.

Impacts of financial decisions

Executive Compensation Takes Center Stage in LeadingAge-CEMO Study

  • 11/11/2015

The aging of executives, challenges in succession planning, and executive compensation are among the significant trends detailed in the 2015 LeadingAge-CEMO Executive Compensation Survey. The survey report is available for purchase, with tiered pricing based on the buyer’s affiliation with LeadingAge and the Chief Executives of Multisite Organizations (CEMO).

LeadingAge-CEMO Compensation Survey Report
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The 2015 survey report outlines compensation and other employment practices of multisite aging services organizations throughout the country. The data covers more than 15 key executive positions and includes:

  • Salary, total cash compensation, and total salary including benefits
  • Incentive plan utilization and targets
  • Benefit plan incidence
  • Regression analysis for compensation based on the organization’s revenue
  • Governance-related survey data regarding compensation practices

Tiered pricing for the survey report is based on the buyer’s status as:

  • Survey participants
  • LeadingAge-CEMO members
  • LeadingAge non-CEMO members
  • Others

How we can help

CLA can help assess how the survey’s findings affect your organization, and provide other benchmarking and executive compensation services.

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