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Telehealth services, financial transactions, and medical records could all benefit from blockchain — but first the industry must understand its potential.

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Blockchain: How it Works and Why it Will Disrupt Health Care

  • Jennifer Boese
  • 4/22/2019

Blockchain. We have all likely heard of it, read about it, or been told it could revolutionize health care. But what does it really mean for the industry, and when will we start seeing this technology?

Explore how blockchain could change the health care industry.

As with similar advancements, health care’s use of blockchain depends on trailblazers who will lead the way and create an easier road for the rest of the industry to travel. But with so much happening in the industry, from robotic process automation to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the capacity for health care to assimilate all of these ongoing shifts, let alone a new technology like blockchain, may be too much for all but the largest of entities right now.

“The concept of blockchain has been difficult for many to grasp because of both its technological and mathematical underpinnings, but if we break it down piece by piece, it opens up our ability to grasp just how broad of an impact this technology can have on health care.” James Watson, principal and member of CLA’s Future Innovation Team.

While real-world barriers hinder blockchain’s quick adoption, the long-term potential for this technology is significant. Regardless of where you are on the path to blockchain, CLA can help you understand, plan for, and implement this technology.

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