2019 Utah Construction Survey

CLA’s construction professionals combined state data and information from our annual wage survey to highlight the issues contractors will confront in this year.

Industry trends

2019 Construction Industry Wage Survey Focuses on Utah’s Business Climate

  • Byron DeStigter
  • 3/29/2019

This CLA report focuses on construction industry trends in wages and hiring specifically in Utah. These two topics are perennial concerns for contractors. And while many of the challenges in the construction industry are the same this year, there is always potential to address old issues in different ways in order to uncover new opportunities.

Download the 2019 Construction Outlook and Wage Survey.

Survey highlights wages and employment in Utah

This report focuses specifically on Utah and provides a summary of current wages for a wide range of positions and trades. The results of this survey suggest a continued atmosphere of industry growth for the near future. Because some of the most important decisions leaders make involve wages and hiring, contractors will be interested in many of the survey results:

  • In 2018, 30 percent of survey respondents gave wage increases of 7 percent or more.
  • More than 40 percent of respondents anticipate 2019 wage increases of 4 percent or more.
  • Within the next six months or sooner, 80 percent of contractors expect to hire additional employees, and nearly 30 percent have immediate hiring needs.

How we can help

Contractors face unique challenges, and we believe you shouldn’t have to face those challenges alone. We want to be there to help you. Research is useful, but sometimes you just need an experienced professional to help you understand the issues you’re facing so you can resolve them. CLA can help you position your company to create opportunities in the future.

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