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Watch our webinar recording for answers to some of the major tax reform issues facing nonprofits — UBI, fringe benefits, compensation, tax-exempt bonds, and more.

Tax Reform

Nonprofit Tax Reform Webinar Reveals Top Concerns with New Law

  • 2/12/2018

Nonprofit leaders were clear about their tax reform concerns during our January 23, 2018, webinar, Tax Reform Implications for Nonprofits. They include:

  • The new flat tax rate on unrelated business income
  • Changes to the taxability of fringe benefits
  • New excise taxes on compensation
  • Questions related to tax-exempt bonds

These were among the issues addressed in our live webinar recording.

When we asked the webinar’s 700-plus attendees, “Is your organization prepared for the changes in the 2017 Tax Act?” more than 75 percent said they are not. This told us that there is a great hunger for tax reform information within the industry. And that’s why we’re offering the full tax reform presentation and a live webinar recording.

How we can help

This webinar should answer many of your questions, but it may raise even more. CLA’s experienced nonprofit sector professionals are ready to work with you to discover what part(s) of the new law apply to you, and strategies you can employ to address them.

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