Counties and Municipalities

Make the most of your resources so you can serve your citizens with efficiency and transparency.

CLA can help you manage financial, operational, and regulatory processes to stretch your time and funds — and do more with less.

What’s on your mind?

  • Maintaining quality services in the face of revenue reductions
  • Making your resources go further
  • Keeping your stakeholders, decision makers, and constituents informed with accurate and meaningful financial data
  • Responding to regulatory pressures and complexities
  • Finding new ways to operate more effectively and efficiently
  • Managing the risks of internal fraud, cybersecurity breaches, budgetary crises, and noncompliance

A unique approach

County and municipal governments have a slew of compliance obligations, but you need more from your CPAs and advisors than just audit and accounting functions. CLA’s 600+ government industry professionals can help your agency perform as efficiently and effectively as possible and manage matters like risk management, information security, financial statement reporting and review, strategic planning, hiring, training, and much more.

With more than 2,000 annual government engagements, CLA has deep experience with your challenges and regulatory environment and can offer assistance with all the things you need to serve your citizens reliably and responsibly.

Services for county and municipal agencies