Payroll-Based Journal Reporting for Skilled Nursing Facilities

What’s on your mind?

  • Understanding the unique reporting requirements of PBJ
  • Gathering the necessary data from multiple, disparate systems and reporting it in the mandatory format  
  • Devoting time to meet the PBJ requirements
  • Validating the accuracy and auditability of PBJ submissions
  • Maintaining a five-star rating

A unique approach

While government reporting regulations have been part of senior living for many years, the complexity and required accuracy of PBJ creates an unprecedented level of data management for nursing communities. CLA’s hands-on approach uses technology to efficiently gather, submit, and monitor the required data. Moreover, our professionals will synthesize the data and report it to you in a manner that allows you to make informed decisions about your staffing process and provide you the time to focus on managing your five-star staffing rating.

PBJ services for skilled nursing facilities

Our professionals can guide you as you navigate the PBJ mandate, or we can complete the reporting on a monthly basis so your team can focus on providing services to your residents.

  • Provide education and assistance in structuring your PBJ submission process with CMS
  • Build a process to efficiently capture time across multiple employees and contractors
  • Examine and document your organization’s PBJ reporting systems and processes for compliance and auditability
  • Collaborate with your facility to provide reporting assistance for all PBJ submission requirements
  • Evaluate outsourced services to assist your organization with this regulatory requirement
  • Review an organization's situation and respond with a customized plan
  • Synthesize and interpret skilled nursing facility (SNF) data with CLA Clarity

Make accurate and complete payroll-based journal reporting an indicator of your skilled nursing facility’s quality.

From consulting on the requirements of payroll-based journal (PBJ) reporting to providing outsourced PBJ services, CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) will help you navigate the challenges and explore your options.