How's Your Financial Health? Submit Your Tax Information Early and Find Out

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Although the official tax return deadline has been extended into July, there are still a number of benefits to preparing your return now. From faster refunds to getting financial information for loan documentation and stimulus checks to liquidity insights and NOL carrybacks, you won’t want to procrastinate on filing this year.

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June 15 incentive

We are offering an extra incentive to anyone who sends their 2019 tax information to us by June 15: a personal video call to talk through one of the three financial health topics below. There is no charge for the one-hour call. Following the call, we’ll send you recommendations tailored for your situation.

How can we help you?

Offer #1: get a ‘second opinion’ investment review

In medicine, it is common to get a second opinion when faced with a serious medical condition. Investors, too, can often benefit from a second opinion. Regardless of the timing of the financial recovery, gaining clarity on your financial future can be beneficial and bring confidence and peace of mind for the journey ahead.

After the call: we’ll send our CLA “Second Opinion” Investment Review — an analysis of your portfolio to help identify gaps and determine if your current strategies fit your goals.

Offer #2: review your will, estate plan, and life insurance

One side effect of a world pandemic is renewed focus on difficult topics, including whether you or your loved ones have addressed estate planning needs. Preparing the proper will, estate plan, and medical directives now will allow for the distribution of your assets in the manner you desire.

  • If you have a taxable estate, consider gifting assets to beneficiaries. You could yield significant estate tax savings, since asset values may be lower during this economic downturn.
  • Before walking away from premiums or cashing in a life insurance policy (which could trigger a tax event), evaluate whether current or future life insurance policies can be a source of cash flow and check that the policies align with your goals and objectives. There are likely ways to reduce or cease premiums, reduce death benefit, or potentially sell the policy to a third party.

After the call: we’ll send our CLA Life Insurance Review — this analysis will help quantify the appropriate amount of coverage, identify your options, and help you find the most cost effective options for the insurance you need.

Offer #3: consider a Roth IRA conversion or charitable planning

When asset values are relatively low, it might make sense to convert your traditional IRA to a Roth. And, consider your philanthropic goals: the CARES Act created a unique opportunity to deduct large cash charitable contributions in 2020 for gifts made to qualifying organizations.

After the call: we’ll send our CLA Roth Conversion Calculator — our analysis will help you see if converting to a Roth IRA will help you save money on income taxes.

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Complete the form below to let us know you’re interested in one of the offers above. All new or returning clients who submit their tax return documents to us by June 15, 2020 qualify for this perk.