CPE for Viewing Webinars in a Group Setting

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When viewing CLA webinars in a group (2 or more people viewing together), the setting is considered a Group Live event. In order for each participant to receive CPE for viewing the webinar in a group setting, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Each group setting must designate one person to act as “Proctor” or witness to attest that each named individual on the sign-in sheet did watch the entire presentation via a shared connection to a CLA webinar. This person is responsible to ensure each attendee fills out the sign in sheet correctly, including a sign in and sign out time, and verifying this by signing off in the Proctor field of the attendance sheet.
  2. If you have multiple viewing locations, each location must have a separate Proctor that monitors attendance.
  3. Please use the sign-in sheet to record the list of participants in the webinar. The sign-in sheet must be completed by each attendee and signed by the Proctor/witness attesting that each attendee watched the entire webinar. The Proctor must sign the sign-in sheet and email it as a PDF to webmaster@CLAconnect.com within two days following the webinar.
  4. CPE certificates will be emailed to each individual with in four weeks.
  5. Recorded webinars are usually posted to our website within 10 business days after the webinar. The recorded webinars are not eligible for CPE.

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CPE Qualifications

Individual viewing

  • Each individual must be logged in for a minimum of 50 minutes
  • Each individual must answer a minimum of 75 percent of the polling questions

Group viewing

  • Each individual must print and sign the sign-in sheet, and provide a sign in and sign out time
  • The Proctor must sign the sign-in sheet as a witness attesting to each attendees full participation