2021 Sage 100 User Group Meeting

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  • October 12, 2021
  • 8:15 a.m. – 4:55 p.m. CT
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Join us for this complimentary event and learn about the newest features and enhancements included in the Sage 100cloud 2021 release and how they could help you manage your business. We will also recap the highlights of the 2020 release and provide a roadmap for what’s planned for future releases of Sage 100cloud.


8:15 a.m. Opening Session

Sage 100cloud, Roadmap, Version 2020/2021 Review

Learn about the newest features and enhancements included in the Sage 100cloud 2021 release, and how they can help you manage your business. We will also recap the highlights of the 2020 release and provide a roadmap for what’s planned for future releases of Sage 100cloud.

9 – 9:45 a.m. — Select from three tracks:

Sage CRM: Leverage CRM for Better Customer Experiences

Sage CRM: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a way of tracking and managing interaction with prospects, leads, and customers as they move through every stage of your company’s sales cycle. If ERP lets you focus on running your business, CRM tools help you focus on customers. CRM software helps businesses improve customer relationships by organizing and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments including sales, marketing, and customer service. Join Matt Gentry for a presentation of Sage CRM and the integration with Sage 100cloud and learn how to get a full view of your company.

Intacct: The Transformation of Finance

Intacct: Being a finance leader is evolving. Transforming the finance team begins with a data-driven finance leader. Intuition and experience are very important; however, an understanding of data, trends, and history is critical.

By attending this session, you will better understand:

  • The Changing Role of Finance
  • The Three Steps to Financial Leadership
  • Strategic Roadmap to Success with Sage Intacct

REPAY (formerly APS): Five Tips to Digitize AR and AP B2B Payments in Sage 100

REPAY (formerly APS): B2B transactions are complex for both buyers and sellers, especially if multiple sales channels are involved. Join the payments industry experts at REPAY (formerly APS Payments), to discuss how Sage 100 users can remove the friction from their B2B payment flow and help create an effortless omni-channel customer experience. In this session we’ll cover:

  • Unique payment challenges facing B2B companies and how to overcome them
  • How omni-channel, integrated payment processing can help you meet the needs of the modern B2B buyer
  • One of the fastest ways to get your invoices paid — including a first-hand view of new REPAY features including ClickToPay for Sales Orders
  • How REPAY helps you digitize AR and AP payments through an integrated payments suite

10 – 10:45 a.m. — Select from three tracks:

Sage Payroll: Managing Your Payroll Needs with Sage 100cloud

Sage Payroll: Sage 100 Payroll is a feature-rich, integrated, secure, and cloud-connected solution for Sage 100cloud. Sage 100 Payroll automates key processes in ways that decrease error, increase efficiency, and reduce barriers to scale. Deep integration with Sage 100cloud means that data silos can be overcome and that you can customize Sage 100 Payroll to meet the unique needs of your business. And because it is cloud-connected, deductions are calculated based on the most recent federal, state, and local tax legislation. If you are an existing user, you’ll get a breakdown of the latest features.

Avalara: What tax-exempt sellers need to know to manage tax compliance and reduce audit risk

Avalara: Most companies dread a sales and use tax audit. And some industries — like manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and construction — face audit risk that’s higher than average, particularly when it comes to complex compliance scenarios like tax-exempt sales. Join us for a session dedicated to critical tax tips to help your business stay on top of tax compliance. You’ll learn:

  • The impact of economic nexus laws on exempt sellers
  • How to decrease your customers’ burden of providing exemption certificates
  • Tips to effectively manage and organize exemption documents to avoid being hit with penalties during an audit
  • Why your business must actively manage consumer use tax in addition to sales tax exemptions (especially if you don’t pay sales tax on purchases you make)

DSD Systems: What’s New from DSD Enhancements

DSD Systems: Please join Ashley Unger from DSD Business Systems to catch a live look at the newest DSD Sage 100 Enhancements to hit the market: Payroll InstaDocs, Payroll Check History Inquiry, Criterion Link to Payroll, Bank Reconciliation History, A/P Auto-Generate Checks, A/R Auto-Generate Cash Receipts, and A/R Cash Receipts History.

About DSD Development: DSD Business Systems has been a Master Developer for Sage ERP Enhancements software since 1988, extending Sage 100 functionality by bringing hundreds of custom and proprietary products to market. These enhancements include the renowned Multi-Currency, Multi-Bin, Cash Basis, Multi-Company, Multi-Language, InstaDocs, and many more.

11 – 11:45 a.m. — Select from three tracks:

Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor: For manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses, inventory is a key asset. One of the best ways to make your inventory more profitable is through smarter, faster demand planning. With Sage Inventory Advisor, you can free up working capital by reducing costly excess stock and painful stock-outs by creating optimized orders and identifying problem areas before it’s too late. No matter how you manage your inventory levels currently, consider this effective, user friendly, and highly affordable add-on to your Sage ERP. Save time, save money, and reinvest in your business with the help of Sage Inventory Advisor.

StarShip: Supercharge Sage 100 Shipping with StarShip Cloud

StarShip: Simplified shipping to boost your Sage order fulfillment process! Stop by our session to chat about:

  • Automatic parcel and LTL carrier selection with “best way shipping” rules
  • Reviewing metrics for better shipping contract negotiations
  • Support complex shipping requirements like HazMat and GS1-128 labels
  • Managing delivery expectations with automated shipment emails
Paya: The Only Embedded Payment Processing Solution Available in Sage

Paya, Inc., formerly Sage Payment Solutions, provides simple, secure technology options enabling businesses to accept payments, get funded faster, and increase efficiency. Paya’s seamless payments platform delivers easy-to-use technology to support your AR Workflow through every stage of your business’ growth, today and tomorrow. With more than 100,000 clients and two decades of payments processing, Paya offers adaptive solutions and technology expertise and is dedicated to driving the success of partners and customers. For more information on Paya, visit www.paya.com.

Noon – 1 p.m. — Lunch Session

Lunch Break

Enjoy your lunch! Even though we won't be able to see you in person, we have a lot of exciting things planned. In addition to 21 possible sessions to choose from, we have $25 GrubHub gift cards for all registrants, plus numerous gift cards to give away.

1 – 1:45 p.m. — Choose from three tracks:

Sage Alerts & Workflow: Actionable Insight – 10 Ways to Improve Your Business

Sage Alerts & Workflow: Over the past 20 years, the technologies available to help you “mine” your data have increased exponentially — from friendly search technologies and dashboards to advanced business intelligence analytics. And yet, even with all these tools, you still need to “go get” the information you need — and once retrieved (or displayed), you still need to figure out what to do with that information, who needs to do it … and then get it done. The concept of “actionable insight” combines data mining, data delivery, and automated workflow to not only give you insight into what’s going on in your business, but also an automated action plan to address the activities that have occurred. This session will include a discussion of ten aspects of your business that can be improved through a system of actionable insight.

Scanco: Avoiding Warehouse and Manufacturing Burnout

In Scanco Software’s presentation, you will hear from the publishers of Sage Production Management, Sage Operations Management, and Sage Mobility for barcode, highlighting the new challenges manufactures and distributors face in today’s competitive climate. Learn how to leverage your Sage 100 ERP by automating and eliminating error-ridden tasks from your warehouse and manufacturing processes. Receive insight from our industry professionals into how to take advantage of the latest technology and keep your doors open by providing the customer service required to compete in today’s fast-paced economy.

SPS Commerce: Ready for One, Streamlined Process for Your Wholesale and E-Commerce Orders?

SPS Commerce: Learn about the all-in-one difference: wholesale, marketplace, and e-commerce sales channels streamlined and natively embedded with our Sage Certified automation. A single system to manage all orders from all channels. SPS Commerce is a leading provider of full-service cloud solutions (EDI, Ecommerce, Assortment, Analytics) for retailers, suppliers, grocers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics partners. We blend technology, people, and processes leveraging the world’s largest retail network, giving our customers the ability to focus on supporting their business.

2 – 2:45 p.m. — Choose from three tracks:

Sage AP Automation: Save Time and Reduce Costs with 360-Degree AP Automation

Sage AP Automation: We’ve met with thousands of AP teams and discovered a few things they all have in common:

  • 57% of time is spent on manual data entry
  • It takes up to 45 days to process an invoice
  • The cost to process an invoice manually is between $9 – 12

We’ll show you how to free your team from inefficient processes such as data entry while increasing control and visibility from purchase to payment.

You’ll learn how Sage AP Automation puts an end to signature chasing, results in faster approvals, and streamlines the entire AP workflow.

ScanForce: 21st Century Warehouse Management – Why a Lack of Automated Processes Is Harming Your Bottom Line

ScanForce: With supply chains disrupted and margins thinner than ever for many, don’t let your warehouse operations be a drain on your bottom line.

In this webinar, we’ll show you the hidden costs associated with your manual warehouse processes, and how ScanForce can help.

Whether it’s in production, picking and packing, receiving, physical counts, or wherever you have movement of inventory, ScanForce’s Sage 100-integrated mobile computer and bar code technology can capture your activity accurately and efficiently.

ScanForce features clean, intuitive screens, so your warehouse team never has to think, “Now, what’s next?” And behind all that simplicity is the one of the fastest, most sophisticated mobile data capture technologies on the market.

TrueCommerce: Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient – Connect to Customers, Suppliers, and Warehouses

TrueCommerce: Your organization’s success is increasingly reliant on the organizations that make up your supply chain. You may be utilizing multiple solutions from different companies and trying to figure out the best way to have them all work together. TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain — integrating everything from EDI to digital storefronts, marketplaces, and more. Join us to learn how your business can take advantage of the connectivity and power of a commerce network to accelerate your business growth.

We will cover:

  • EDI for customers, vendors/suppliers and 3PL warehouses
  • E-Commerce storefronts and marketplaces
  • Shipping fulfillment
  • Product information
  • Vendor enablement

3 – 3:45 p.m. — Choose from three tracks:

Sage Intelligence: Get Easier, Flexible Reporting with Sage Intelligence

Sage Intelligence is a simple, flexible reporting tool that utilizes Excel and enhances control over your business information. With immediate access to ready-to-use reports and dashboards, Sage Intelligence offers instant insights into your business without having to leave your Sage solution.

DataSelf: Business Intelligence in 10 minutes with DataSelf Analytics

DataSelf: Learn how organizations have been making more timely and informed decisions by embracing DataSelf Analytics:

  • Top 5 dashboards in 2021
  • Natural Language Query (NLQ) and Drag-&-Drop Report Editor
  • Tableau, Power BI and data warehousing in 10 minutes, simplified and on steroids

DataSelf provides actionable insights from gathering, transforming, viewing, and understanding your data. Join us to learn more.

CIMcloud: E-Commerce and CRM with Sage 100

CIMcloud: Grow sales, not headcount by allowing your customers to engage in self-service and empowering your employees with CRM tools. Learn how you can use your existing Sage 100 system and data to implement effective e-commerce solutions.

4 – 4:45 p.m. — Choose from three tracks:

Sage Data & Analytics: Make Better Business Decisions with Sage Data & Analytics — Now Available for Sage 100

Sage Data & Analytics: We’re very excited about the business intelligence (BI) solution, Sage Data & Analytics, now available for Sage 100. Powered by ZAP, Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) empowers businesses by giving them the data, facts, and information needed to confidently make decisions.

Attend this session to learn how SD&A provides a 360-degree view of your business and a decision-making infrastructure that will scale with your business as it evolves.

During this session we will uncover the immediate SD&A benefits:

  • Ready-made analytics in-a-box
  • Tangible time savings
  • On-the-go access tailored to decision makers
  • Modernization of ERP and your data

We look forward to sharing how Sage Data & Analytics can make a positive impact to your business!

Altec: Sage Document Management

Altec: Sage + DocLink = AP Automation Made Easy

It seems that no department in any company is more strangled by data than AP. There’s too much paper, convoluted access to documents, and little or no control over day-to-day processes.

Find out how you can take your Sage solution to the next level with DocLink, the Sage-endorsed document management and process automation solution. Learn about DocLink’s vast AP automation capabilities, including automated document capture, 3-way matching and indexing for streamlined invoice processing and approvals.

Join our session to find out how DocLink can make it easier for you to streamline and automate your entire accounts payable process from POs to payments and help improve productivity and reduce your costs.

Summit Hosting: Cybersecurity Is a Team Sport!

Summit Hosting: It’s no secret that cyber-criminal activity is on the rise. It takes more than just a 9-to-5 IT team to keep attackers at bay in today’s world. If you’re thinking about moving your data from a local server to the cloud, Summit Hosting’s session will focus on what your company can do to help stay safer from cyber attacks, and how we help clients keep their data even more secure in the cloud than it may be in their office.

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