2020 Sage Intacct Series: Budgeting and Planning

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  • 10/27/2020
  • Webinar
  • Hosting Speaking

*Correction to information shared during the webinar

Regarding cost for the "Viewer" and "Contributor" licenses for the SIBP product. We mistakenly communicated that there is no added cost for these SIBP user types. Intacct confirmed there has been an update and a user license does require an annual user license cost depending on the type of user, viewer vs. contributor. To actually share the budget, those that you share with must have one of these license types in order to collaborate on the budget within SIBP.

Alternatively, budgets can be exported to an excel spreadsheet and shared to eliminate costs, but if they want to be able to view/modify budget details from SIBP there must be a user license associated.

Session Description

Most clients today manage their budgeting and planning in Excel, which can be easily imported into Sage Intacct (see May 2020 webinar). What if we told you that with the right tools, you and your team can become more agile, quickly adapt to new information, and build out what-if scenarios for deciding on the best course of action?

Learning Objective: Identify efficiencies gained using Sage Intacct’s Budgeting and Planning to establish assumptions, create models, and apply within a dashboard for key decision makers to review.

Speaker: Ashley Klapperick

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