WGA: Defending Your Grocery Store Against Hackers, Fraudsters and Cyberthugs

Grocery Store Owner Holding Clipboard Taking Inventory
  • 2/11/2019
  • Webinar
  • Speaking

It’s 5PM on a busy weeknight. The store is full of shoppers and the checkout lines are flowing nicely. Everything seems to be working great until your registers and POS systems go dark. As restless customers begin to wonder what’s going on, lines get fuller, and ice cream begins to melt, you get a message requesting a small ransom be paid in exchange for your systems to come back online. Are you ready for this? Not only can a breach negatively impact a store financially, it can also ruin a solid reputation in the marketplace as shoppers may be less willing to trust you with their data.

Attackers are targeting businesses no matter industry or size, and retail systems with consumer payment data are especially attractive. This webinar, presented to members of the Wisconsin Grocers Association (WGA), described the threat landscape, discussed regulatory efforts to address the threat, and provided insight on how business leaders can effectively address this emerging threat.

Discussion topics

  • What is cybercrime?
  • Payment fraud trends and tactics hackers are using
  • How and why hackers are targeting grocers
  • Overview of recent cybercrime litigation issues
  • Common information security weaknesses for retailers
  • Solutions you can implement today to help minimize risk

Who should listen?

This session was designed for business owners, CIOs, CEOs, COOs, IT and risk leaders of organizations


  • Mark Eich, Principal, CLA
  • Bryan Laabs, Principal, CLA
  • Brian Baumgart, Manager, CLA

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