Higher Education Virtual Conference

College Student Meeting With Staff
  • 2/21/2019
  • Virtual and select locations
  • Hosting Speaking

This intensive half-day session provided insight and knowledge to help you navigate the changing world of higher education, including student financial aid administration and reporting, cybersecurity, benchmarking, and tax issues impacting your institution.


Benchmarking in Higher Education

Recommended CPE: 1 credit specialized knowledge

In a sector where funders want to know that their hard-earned dollars are going to a good organization and that students are getting what they paid for, benchmarking is an essential strategic planning tool. If an institution doesn’t benchmark itself, there is probably an oversight agency that will do it for them.

Most institutions look at various ratios throughout the year. A college may be concerned with the number of days of expenses it has in cash, the amount of tuition in collections, or a trend in the number of cohorts in graduate programs. Schools use benchmarking analysis to uncover business processes and strategies, provide a baseline for improvement, and make data-informed decisions.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize select key ratios and critical indicators that make sense for your institution
  • Review methods for selecting peer sets
  • Recognize how to present data to stakeholders in a clear but interesting manner

Speakers: Jean Bushong, Deirdre Hodgson
Presentation: Benchmarking in Higher Education
Webinar recording timestamp: Start – 1:11.41

Understanding Tax Implications in Higher Education

Recommended CPE: 1 credit, taxes

Whether at the federal or state level, tax considerations within institutions of higher education are complex. This session will provide guidance to help institutions minimize their exposure to common tax risks. Topics will include unrelated business income, tax reform, fringe benefit and compensation, Form 1098-T, and more.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain tax complexities within institutions of higher education
  • Assist in identifying tax risks
  • Identify potential next steps in minimizing risk exposure

Speakers: Karen Gries, Amy Chapman
Presentation: Understanding Tax Implications in Higher Education
Questions and Answers: Understanding Tax Implications in Higher Education
Webinar recording timestamp: 1:11.42 – 2:11.47

Elements of an Effective Cybersecurity Program

Recommended CPE: 1 credit Information, technology

Higher education institutions are progressively becoming targets of cyber security intrusions. Successful breaches result in interference with operations, financial loss, and theft of confidential information the hackers can use to make money.

GLBA guidance requires financial institutions to develop a documented information security program and test the administrative, technical (I,e., cybersecurity) and physical controls. In this session we will explore hacker motivations, examine breach case studies, and discuss critical elements of an effective and compliant cybersecurity program.

Learning objectives:

  • Review case studies from actual breaches to understand new and emerging cyber threats
  • Describe how to safeguard institutions against ransomware
  • Define key controls necessary to mitigate and manage cyber security risks and comply with GLBA requirements

Speakers: Randy Romes, Kadian Douglas
Presentation: Elements of an Effective Cybersecurity Program
Webinar recording timestamp: 2:11.48 – 3:13.39

Five Pillars of Student Financial Aid Compliance

Recommended CPE: 1 credit, auditing (governmental)

This presentation will cover five areas of review that can help mitigate risk of penalties and bring your student financial aid program into compliance. We’ll cover cybersecurity, consumer information, campus security, improper payments, and oversight and monitoring.

Learning objectives:

  • Determine the areas of concern that the DOE’s Office of Inspector General finds most significant
  • Recognize weaknesses that expose your institution to the most damage
  • Identify tools, resources, and methods for assessing your school’s level of risk

Speakers: Brenda Scherer, Jeff Aalbers
Presentation: Five Pillars of Student Financial Aid Compliance 
Webinar recording timestamp: 3:13.40 – 4:18.06


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Recommended CPE can be found in each session description
Prerequisites: None
Program level: Basic
Advance preparation: None
Delivery method: Group live

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Webinar recording timestamps:

Start – 1:11.41: Benchmarking in Higher Ed
1:11.42 – 2:11.47: Tax Implications in Higher Ed
2:11.48 – 3:13.39: Effective Elements of a Cybersecurity Program
3:13.40 – 4:18.06: Top Findings in Student Financial Aid

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