Wenatchee Tree Fruit Days

  • 1/16/2018 – 1/18/2018
  • Wenatchee, WA
  • Attending


January 16

Co-Sponsored by WSU Extension and NW Cherries

Topics include: Record Crop, Record Challenges, Looking Back and Moving Forward; Managing for Bigger High Quality Fruit; Grower Experiences with Cherry Training Systems; Spotted Wing Drosophila; Cherry Virus Update; Cherry Powdery Mildew Management Questions and Answers; and more.

January 17

Co-sponsored by WSU Extension and Pear Bureau Northwest

Topics include: Optimizing Pear Physiology, Handling Trees at Planting for Medium Density Demonstration, Novel Avenues for Increasing Pear Consumption, Farm Bill and Labor Issues Update, Tree Survey, Perennial Weed Control, Fire Blight, Conserving Natural Enemies in Pear Orchards: A Basis for Pear IPM, Choosing the Right Tools for Successful Pear IPM, Singing Psyllids, Attract-and-kill, and Landscape-wide tracking of Dispersal, and more.

January 18

Co-Sponsored by: WSU Extension and North Central Fieldmen’s Assoc.

Topics include: Can Deficit Irrigation Be Used as a Tool to Improve Fruit Quality in Honeycrisp?, Adoption of Protective Netting in WA Apple Production, Bitter Pit Prediction Models, Woolly Apple Aphid, Codling Moth, Managing Fire Blight in Young Trees, Update on Apple Powdery Mildew Control, Factors Affecting Glyphosate Efficacy, and more.