Wayfair Decision and Its Effect on Your Sales Tax Exposure

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  • 7/24/2018
  • Webinar
  • Hosting Speaking

While business leaders are still trying to understand tax reform, the Supreme Court’s recent Wayfair decision throws them another curveball. What does this decision mean for your business? This complimentary webinar clarified the impact of the decision on private businesses and outlined steps to navigate the new, more complicated sales tax landscape.

During this session we:

  • Reviewed the key implications of the ruling in South Dakota v Wayfair.
  • Provided an overview of the economic nexus statutes and reporting and notification requirements that are currently in place
  • Helped identify the steps that you should take to prepare for the states’ responses to the decision

Who should attend

This session is designed for financial managers, controllers, CFOs, executive management, and others responsible for the tax compliance and planning in your business.


To learn more about this topic, read our article,
South Dakota v Wayfair: U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Quill.

Get a Wayfair checkup assessment to determine your state sales tax exposure.

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