Higher Ed Strategic Risk Analysis: Why It Matters and How to Do It

  • 4/19/2018
  • Webinar
  • Hosting Speaking

Focusing only on traditional approaches to managing compliance, operational, and financial risk no longer encompasses the broader risks that higher education institutions face in the current environment. Strategic risk factors — things which may threaten your college or university’s strategies and affect your ability to achieve your objectives — are something you have to pay greater attention to in times of uncertainty. Identifying and understanding their drivers and how they relate to your strategy are key to developing proactive plans that mitigate risk and make the difference between “survive” and “thrive.”

This webinar explained how to identify strategic risk factors and determined their likelihood of occurring. We presented various approaches to preventing and monitoring risk and discussed how to guide conversations while building a strategic governance plan. 

Access more resources about reducing risk in your higher education institution.


Recommended CPE: 1 credit Specialized Knowledge
Prerequisites: None
Program level: Overview
Advance preparation: None
Delivery method: Internet-based Live

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