Defending Your Retail Operations Against Hackers, Fraudsters, and Cyberthugs

Payment From Customer In Plant Shop
  • 9/11/2018
  • Webinar
  • Speaking Hosting

Your customers have many ways to pay for your goods and services, which make them — and your business — vulnerable to cybercrime. A retailer’s point of sale (POS) system is interconnected to nearly every business function, creating a whole new level of cybercrime threats. Your risk of breach has never been greater.

CLA professionals, Mark Eich and Scott Gorden, described the retail industry's threat landscape and provided insights on how you can defend against cybercrime in order to protect your customers and your business.

Learning objectives:

  • Grasp the industry’s unique exposure to costly cybercrime
  • Recognize payment fraud trends and tactics hackers are using against retailers
  • Identify strategies and tactics that can mitigate risk
  • Create a set of policies and procedures designed to effectively respond to security incidents