Calculating Your Financial Institution’s CECL Allowance

Conference Room Discussion
  • 8/15/2018
  • Webinar
  • Speaking Hosting

For the last couple of years, financial institutions have heard about the complexity of implementing and complying with current expected credit loss (CECL) regulations. You’ve likely already mined your data, assembled a committee, and developed a CECL plan, but as we move closer to the effective years (2020 and 2021), financial institutions have gone from discussing the theory of CECL to exploring specific tools, solutions, and consulting services that support the impending implementation.

CLA and Spotlight Financial have worked together to develop a CECL Toolkit to assist non-complex financial institutions in the implementation of the CECL standard. This webinar featured a demo of Spotlight Financial’s CECL Toolkit. This simplified, pooled approach uses call report information and user inputs to customize a CECL calculation for your individual institution. As the preferred vendor of this tool, CLA discussed what financial institutions should be doing to support their CECL Allowance calculation and how we can be of assistance.


  • David Heneke, CLA
  • Josh Juergensen, CLA
  • Michael Stinson, Spotlight Financial
  • Reid TenKley, Spotlight Financial

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