Trump’s Budget and the Impact on Your Public Sector Organization

Two Professionals Government Building
  • 7/11/2017
  • Webinar
  • Hosting Speaking

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President Trump’s proposed budget represents a seismic shift in executive branch priorities and associated spending that at a minimum will influence the budget debate and potentially could have major implications — both good and bad — for federal agencies, state governments, nonprofits, and their stakeholders.

This 90-minute webinar examined President Trump’s proposed budget plans and how they may affect your organization and the people you serve. We addressed strategies that can help you navigate the potential change resulting from this historic budget showdown.


  • Doreen Shute, Managing Principal, Federal Government
  • Bill Early, Principal, Sub-industry Leader States and State Agencies
  • Mandy Merchant, Principal, Sub-industry Leader Affordable Housing
  • Andrew Laflin, Principal, Sub-industry Leader Counties and Municipalities
  • John Tauer, Managing Principal, Nonprofit