How to Identify and Address Risk Within Your Financial Institution

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  • 10/25/2017
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Risk management, board governance, and regulatory compliance are growing hot topics for financial institutions. In fact, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System recently issued proposed supervisory guidance that will likely impact all financial institutions. This proposed guidance raises the bar of expectations on the institution’s board of directors, and increases what senior management must do to allow their board of directors to achieve these new expectations – especially in the area of risk management.

This two-part webinar series, professionals from CLA and Integrated Governance Solutions gave an introduction to integrative governance concepts. We provided the latest thought leadership, insights, and practical tools to help your institution prepare for the coming changes.

Part 1 – Measuring Your Institution’s Risk Vital Signs Wednesday 

Presentation: Part 1 – Measuring Your Institution's Risk Vital Signs
Webinar: Part 1 – Measuring Your Institution's Risk Vital Signs

• Learn about “integrative governance” and how it applies to your institution’s future
• Discuss the Federal Reserve’s proposed five attributes to assess your board of directors, and what this will require of management and risk disciplines
• Receive complimentary access to the Risk VitalSigns diagnostic tool, which will enable you to measure your institution’s current risk vital signs
• Obtain a brief real-time overview of the overall Risk VitalSigns diagnostic results and the key insights to be gathered

Part 2 – How to Improve Your Institution’s Risk Vital Signs Thursday 

Presentation: Part 2 – Improving Your Institution’s Risk Vital Signs
Webinar: Part 2 – Improving Your Institution’s Risk Vital Signs

• Discuss the aggregate Risk VitalSigns results from participating institutions
• Participate in a deeper review and analysis of the top “Risk VitalSigns issue areas” noted from the participants’ results, and learn the implications for your institution from several vantage points: board of directors, management team, and regulators
• Hear from key professionals regarding the best strategies for improving your institution’s risk vital signs and how to prepare for the coming regulatory changes around board and risk governance
• Learn about Solomon365, a powerful and innovative cloud-based tool and resource for continuously measuring, improving, and demonstrating your institution’s board and risk governance capabilities

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