Going Paperless With Back-Office Accounting: A Roundtable Series

  • 2/22/2017 – 3/9/2017
  • Various locations
  • Hosting

It’s no secret that the trends and changes in our digital world are impacting the way we do business. How can nonprofit finance leaders embrace these opportunities to capture and process data and create more efficient organizations?

This roundtable for finance professionals in nonprofits and state and local government organizations will address some of the more common systems being used to electronically process accounting transactions. We will also address the related internal controls that can safeguard your assets, improve operational efficiency, and maintain adherence to policies.

Click here for a date and time near you at the following locations:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Arlington, Virginia

Baltimore, Maryland

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Indianapolis, Indiana

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phoenix, Arizona

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Toledo, Ohio