2017 CLA Nonprofit and Health Care Conference

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  • 5/9/2017
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Hosting Speaking

Our 2017 CLA Nonprofit and Health Care Confernece featured a full line-up of speakers and sessions that challenged you to connect with your community, learn with your peers, and achieve your mission.

For more than two decades, this conference sets the standard for professional development and learning with five professional tracks, and timely content that resonates with the nonprofit and health care space. 


8 – 8:30 a.m. — Registration and continental breakfast

8:30 – 9:40 a.m. — Welcome and keynote


CLA has invited R.T. Rybak, former mayor of Minneapolis and current president and CEO of the Minneapolis Foundation, to be our keynote speaker. A Minneapolis native, R.T. is past executive director of Generation Next, and has led efforts in economic development, affordable housing, and transportation.

CPE: 1 credit Specialized Knowledge

9:50 – 11:05 a.m. — Session 1

FASB and GAAP Update

Jeffrey Mechanick of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and Cathy Clarke of CLA
In this session, we’ll discuss recent standards (ASUs) and ongoing FASB projects of interest to not-for-profit organizations (NFPs), including healthcare NFPs. We’ll focus especially on NFP Financial Statements (ASU 2016-14), Revenue Recognition from Contracts with Customers (ASU 2014-09 and various follow-up FASB and AICPA guidance), Leases (ASU 2016-02), and the FASB’s current project on Revenue Recognition of Grants and Contracts by NFPs.

CPE: 1 credit Accounting

Mission and Money: Using Financial Information to Advocate Mission

Matt Stowell and Brian Peterson of CLA and Mary-Margaret Zindren of AIA Minnesota
Financial reports, Form 990, dashboards and scorecards: each of these is a nonprofit financial professional’s tool for communicating information to management and the board. But is there a way to create meaningful financial reporting that also advocates your mission? During this session, explore how you can use new and existing tools to tell your organization’s broader story in a way many of your internal and external stakeholders will easily understand.

CPE: 1 credit Finance

Automating Your Operations: Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Cindy Ische and Keven Truhler of CLA
Do you want to improve your organization's performance, achieve faster closes, provide better financial reporting, and reduce IT and operating costs while strengthening your IT security? This presentation provides an overview of the benefits of cloud accounting and a demonstration of the Intacct cloud accounting system. At the end of this session, you will be able to understand the advantages of cloud systems; understand how to address security concerns with cloud and on-premise systems; visualize how to manage multiple business entities and/or office locations effectively; gain real time visibility into your financial operation with dashboards; walk away with a clear understanding of a roadmap for incorporating cloud systems in your organization.

CPE: 1 credit Management Services

11:15 a.m. – 12:05 p.m — Session 2

Internal Controls for Small Nonprofits - These Words Can Go Together

John Tauer of CLA
Smaller nonprofit organizations often struggle in implementing strong internal controls due to the lack of resources. This session will focus on using real life situations where controls have not been effective to demonstrate risks and opportunities. From this session you will learn about the most critical areas where controls are important in small organizations and creative ways to establish internal controls with limited staff. You will also be provided with specific controls based on your size to take with you.

CPE: 1 credit Auditing

Nonprofit Law in an Age of Uncertainty: Navigating New Issues, Legal Trends and Risks

Jennifer Reedstrom Bishop of Gray Plant Mooty
This session will provide an overview of the current state of the hot areas in nonprofit law, the practical implication of those high profile trends as well as the more mundane on-the-ground legal trends and those areas that appear to be of special interest to the IRS. This session will give you the tools to consider how these high-profile issues could impact your organization and give you real life examples of the legal changes and challenges we see in the sector.

CPE: 1 credit Business Law

Graphic Re-Visioning of Nonprofit Overhead: Into Action!

Curtis Klotz of Nonprofits Assistance Fund
In August 2016, Nonprofits Assistance Fund’s CFO, Curt Klotz, wrote a provocative blog post offering a fresh look at the tired, old overhead pie chart. With a new image based on the concept of core mission support, the blog went viral and has captured the imagination of thousands in the nonprofit sector. Come learn how to use this new tool and the concept of core mission support. We’ll explore how to create a new image using your current accounting system, how to apply this new thinking to organizational strategy and planning, and how to use the new graphic to communicate your story more accurately to the world.

CPE: 1 credit Management Services

Capital Markets Update

Mark Landreville of HJ Sims
Over the last several years, health care and nonprofit borrowers have seen very low interest rates and higher demand from the capital markets for campus improvement and expansion projects. This session will give an outline of the most viable financing options for borrowers and assess the evolving state of capital markets. In the end, prospective borrowers will learn what financial options may be open to them and where to look to start planning their construction projects.

CPE: 1 credit Finance

Revenue Recognition — Debits, Credits, and Thank Yous

Jennifer Tingley and Karen Gries of CLA
Revenue recognition is not always as straightforward as you would wish. This session will explore an overview of the different types of revenue and the role estimates play in the accounting treatment for each. We will also discuss how to thank your donors and what satisfies both accounting and tax treatments. Bring your questions and explore the complex world of accounting and tax through this interactive session.

CPE: 1 credit Accounting

12:05 p.m. – 1:35 p.m — Lunch and Keynote

How Technology and Transparency are Changing the Nonprofit Sector

Adrian Bordone of GuideStar
The nonprofit sector is in flux. The importance of programmatic data is increasing, and you don’t want to get left behind. Join GuideStar’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, Adrian Bordone, as he discusses the impending changes facing the sector. Adrian will highlight essential tools for nonprofits that will help them successfully navigate these changes, including: how to show their progress and results; how to measure what matters to their missions; and how to save countless hours on grant applications.

CPE: 1 credit Management Services

1:45 p.m. – 2:35 p.m — Session 3

The Power of GuideStar: Maximizing Your Nonprofit Profile

Adrian Bordone of GuideStar
How can you set your organization apart from the more than 1.5M nonprofits in the U.S.? One valuable tool to increase your organization’s online visibility is your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, which puts you in front of 7M unique visitors on GuideStar. In this session GuideStar’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, Adrian Bordone, will highlight the extensive benefits of your organization’s Nonprofit Profile and teach you how to maximize this tool so you can reach key decision makers. You will leave this workshop with the tools to achieve the Platinum Seal of Transparency, GuideStar’s highest level of nonprofit participation. (This hands-on work shop is limited to 30 people, please bring your laptop.)

CPE: 1 credit Specialized Knowledge

Building an Inclusive Culture

Ajay Gupta of Ernst & Young
Organizations seek out diversity first. It’s easier to measure and easier to achieve, at least short-term. Increased diversity in a non-inclusive culture leads to frustration for both the existing and the new workforce, resulting in discontent, lower productivity and higher turnover. So what is the answer? Building an inclusive culture. In this session, Ajay Gupta will discuss the idea that developing an inclusive culture will lead to the foundation of a successful diverse culture.

CPE: 1 credit Personnel/HR

Absolution From the Seven Deadly Sins: Saving Your Exemption

Gerald Griffith of Jones Day
Houston we have a problem: the seven deadly sins that can lead to revocation of exemption if not properly and promptly addressed. Contemplation and penance includes conducting a review, formulating corrective action plans, and facing potential penalties. Bless me, for I have sinned — you must confess to the IRS. Going from excommunication to absolution requires strategies to build the record procedural options.

CPE: 1 credit Taxes

Key Grant Compliance Issues Under the Uniform Guidance

Rachel Flanders and Chris Stanz of CLA
This session will discuss common challenges that nonprofit entities are facing in implementing Uniform Guidance requirements. Topics to be covered include: required policies and procedures; period of performance; sub-recipient monitoring procedures; internal controls over compliance; procurement; and other issues that could impact your single audit. At the end of this session you be able to identify policies and procedures that may need revisions, and understand changes needed for sub-recipient monitoring and procurement new requirements under the Uniform Guidance.

CPE: 1 credit Auditing (Governmental)

Human Resource Risks

Monica Murdo of CLA
To meet their mission, nonprofits are continually challenged with increasing human resource regulations, while at the same time they are expected to balance the resources each employee needs to succeed and then holding each employee accountable. This session will cover the latest risks including: regulatory requirements (overtime and sick time); properly onboarding and off-boarding; record-keeping requirements.

CPE: 1 credit Personnel/HR

We’ve Got You for 10 Years! Delivering the CLA Promise Using CLA Intuition and CLArity

Dave Schuh of CLA
In the session, we’ll explore case studies where CLA is utilizing CLA Intuition and its new big data platform CLArity to deliver on the CLA Promise to our skilled nursing clients. We’ll explore the tools and approaches we’re using, share lessons learned, gain insights on CLA’s “10 in 30 seconds rule” for dashboards and help you discover new and innovate ways to use the tools and knowledge gained from them to add organization value.

CPE: 1 credit Management Services

2:45 p.m. – 3:35 p.m — Session 4

Unrelated Business Income — What Would You Do?

Karen Gries of CLA
Although the world of unrelated business income (UBI) is vast, the complexities and risks associated with royalties, sponsorships, AND advertising can be daunting. This interactive session will enlist audience to the question: What would you do? We will also address the common risks associated with UBI. At the end of this session you will be able to understand UBI rules, and explore avenues to minimize risk associated with various revenue streams.

CPE: 1 credit Taxes

Cyber Security Risk Update

Randy Romes of CLA
This session will explore the latest cyber security and operational IT risks and strategies to manage and mitigate those risks. We will explore the latest hacker attack and cyber fraud tactics, pros and cons for hosted cloud services, and mitigation techniques including preventative controls, monitoring and response capabilities, and third party support.

CPE: 1 credit Specialized Knowledge

The Economic Burden of Youth Experiencing Homelessness and the Financial Case for Investing in Interventions to Change Peoples’ Lives

Steven S. Foldes, PhD, of Foldes Consulting LLC
New research reveals the substantial lifetime cost to taxpayers and society of youth experiencing homelessness by focusing on a cohort of youth who visited YouthLink in 2011. YouthLink is a downtown Minneapolis drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness. Applying a common business metric, the findings demonstrate that despite these considerable costs, the break-even on the interventions provided by taxpayers is surprisingly low, making the business case for programs to help youth change their lives.

CPE: 1 credit Specialized Knowledge

The ABC’s of Audit Preparation

Heidi Grinde and Sarah Reichling of CLA
Everything you need to know for audit preparation you learned in kindergarten. This session will go back to the basics on preparing for an upcoming audit.

CPE: 1 credit Auditing

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting / Five Star Rating

Carl Moellenkamp of CLA
Payroll-based journal reporting (PBJ) continues even as providers have recognized that it is time consuming and potentially overwhelming. The possibility of a quarterly change to the Five Star staffing rating based on PBJ data is real as CMS has already implemented quarterly adjustments to the quality measure domain of the Five Star rating. Join us to hear the latest challenges and successes from the perspective of a nursing care provider and CLA's senior living practice.

CPE: 1 credit Management Services

3:45 p.m. – 5 p.m — Session 5

An Overview of President Trump’s First 100 Days in Office … Are We Great Yet?

Andy Biebl and Rob Schile of CLA, Mark Griffin of CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors, LLC, and Steve Warch of Nilan Johnson Lewis
President Trump has outlined an aggressive agenda for his first 100 days in office. This session will provide insights into the key elements of his agenda, with specific focus on changes to the health care law, tax code, an economic update, and other relevant changes impacting nonprofits and health care providers.

Watch videos of both presentations

CPE: 1.5 credit Specialized Knowledge

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