CLA Tax Organizer

Resources for your 2021 tax return.

Welcome to the CLA Tax Organizer resource section. Leverage the following documents if you prefer to have fillable form(s), so you can efficiently compile important and necessary information to return to your CLA team. Contact your CLA tax professional or office to request a personalized organizer.


Document delivery options

For your security, do not return your tax documents via unsecured email. CLA offers several secure electronic delivery methods:

  • CLA Document Portal — a complimentary resource that allows clients to securely exchange documents with CLA
    • To request a document portal, please contact your local office
  • Leapfile — a secure email exchange available to anyone; no set-up required

Or, return your documents via:

How we can help

CLA’s team of tax professionals are here to help. Please contact us if we can assist you during the collection of your tax information or if you have additional questions regarding your taxes.

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