Explore New Data in CLA’s Dental Finance and Operations Report

  • Operations
  • 2/26/2020
Colleagues in lab

As dentists have learned throughout the years, settling for the status quo is not an option.

The magnitude and pace of change we’re seeing in the dental industry today requires providers to gather new data, accept new risks, and respond to changing market conditions with an unprecedented sense of urgency.

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As a professional services firm serving thousands of dental practices nationwide, we feel it is more important now than ever before to equip the industry with fresh insights and ideas.

Based on our annual dental survey, the CLA Dental Finance and Operations Report is designed to give practices a detailed look into dental fees, employee benefits, and salaries as they explore new opportunities for revenue, talent management, and employee satisfaction and retention. Practices can use the report data to make sure they are offering competitive salary and benefit coverage, all while building toward more financial stability overall.

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