Dental Practice Profitability Analysis

A holistic view of your practice can help increase your profitability

Practice profitability is always a priority. To support the needs of dental providers, CLA’s dental professionals can help you identify areas of potential growth for your practice with a proactive, customized approach.

What’s on your mind?

  • Improving profitability
  • Increasing revenue without changing your fee schedule
  • Reducing costs
  • Market competitiveness — how your practice stacks up
  • A clear view of your practice’s data

Need help identifying ways to potentially increase practice profitability?

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Our practice profitability analysis, offers a simple, holistic view that is customized for your practice. The analysis is designed to help you make informed, fact-based decisions to reduce costs and increase profitability. With it, you can gain an understanding of your practice’s fees, code utilization, current financial performance compared to future potential financial performance, cost reduction opportunities, and salaries and benefits. Understand the impacts on your practice to help identify growth opportunities.

Our professionals have been providing seamless services to dental practices for more than 50 years. After you uncover opportunities using CLA’s practice profitability analysis report, we can help implement the results. Learn more about our full dental service offerings.

Dental practice profitability analysis services

  • Custom dental fee analysis
  • Code utilization summary
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Financial summary, including the total (estimated) amount of additional revenue you may be able to obtain
  • Financial benchmark (P&L) analysis
  • Salary and benefits overview
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