Microsoft Authenticator

You will see the message below the first time you log in to CLA:

Microsoft Authenticator is a free application available for IOS and Android. You can download to your Android or iPhone using the below QR codes:

If you cannot follow the QR codes above, you can follow these links:

Google Android: Go to google play to download and install the Authenticator app.

Apple iOS (iPhone): Go to the App store to download and install the Authenticator app.

Once you have installed the Authenticator app on your mobile device click "Next".

After clicking "Next" you will receive a prompt to add an account to Authenticator:

To add an account, click the "+" icon at the top right in Microsoft Authenticator. Select "Work or school" account type.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup and sign in. Select "Scan QR code."

After clicking "Scan QR code" Authenticator will open and bring up the QR code scanner. Use the scanner to read the previously displayed QR code.

Your browser will update with a message to check Authenticator and approve sign-in.

After selecting "Approve" in Microsoft Authenticator you will see the approval in your browser

Click "Next" and you will see a message that your security info has been successfully setup and you can complete the sign-in process. Click "Done."


Setting up MFA using Phone (SMS/Text) instead of Microsoft Authenticator.

When you see the screen below, click "I want to set up a different method," then select "Phone."

Enter your mobile phone number and click "Next."

You will receive a code via text message on your mobile device. Enter the code.

Click "Next." You will see a message that your device was registered successfully.