Key 2022 Health Care Trends

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  • July 21 and August 24
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Join us for two complimentary webinars where we will discuss the current trends in health care and how to use data to help plan for your organization’s future.

Key 2022 Health Care Trends and Using Data to Position for the Future

July 21

Recording: Key Health Care Trends Using Data

Presentation slides: Key Health Care Trends Using Data

Transcript: Key Heather Care Trends Using Data

This recording will review key 2022 health care trends and how they continue to cause operational and financial challenges for long-term care facilities, hospitals, and physician practices. From workforce shortages to inflation and the economy, these trends are stressing a health care system still recovering from the pandemic. Using a case study approach, we’ll demonstrate how proactively leveraging data, key performance indicators, and benchmarking can position long-term care facilities for the future.

Key 2022 Health Care Trends, the Current State of Skilled Nursing/Long-Term Care and Using Data to Gain Clarity

August 24 | 1 – 2 p.m. CT

During this session, we will review key 2022 health care trends and advance the discussion to the current trends within the skilled nursing/long-term care industry in particular. We will demonstrate how industry-driven data-focused insights can provide skilled nursing/long-term care organizations clarity into their landscape, and inform their strategic operational and financial actions in pursuit of a financially viable future.

Who should attend

This session is designed for all types of health care professionals, finance personnel, board members, and others who need to understand trends and use data to plan for the future.

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