Webinar Series for Technology Companies

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  • June 17, 2021
  • 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. CT
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These on-demand webinars will highlight many hot topics affecting technology companies.

Who should attend

This series is designed for technology focused company leaders.


March 18 — Sales Tax on Technology… Moving at the Speed of "Light"

Presentation Slides: Sales Tax on Technology

Recording: Sales Tax on Technology

Having trouble keeping up with sales tax laws regarding nexus, taxability, and compliance? We break down some of the key issues.


  • Gain an understanding of nexus-creating activities typical to the technology industry.
  • Identify taxability issues surrounding technology services and products, and learn ways to deal with the risks.
  • Assess the impact of sales tax compliance on company administration and determine when and how to outsource this function.

Dustin Hubbard, Principal
Tom Santomaggio, Director
Steve Claflin, Manager
Rance Morton, Manager

April 15 — Preparing for Venture Fundraising 

Presentation Slides: Preparing for Venture Fundraising

Recording: Preparing for Venture Fundraising

How well are you prepared for the venture fundraising process? Raising capital looks quick and easy on TV, but the real process is time consuming and extremely competitive. We’ll discuss what you need to know before you start.


  • Understand the necessary requirements to prepare your company for venture fundraising.

Keith Davidson, Principal

May 20 — Optimizing Research and Experimentation Costs

Presentation Slides: Optimizing Research and Experimentation Costs

Recording: Optimizing Research and Experimentation Costs

Looking for better ways to deal with upcoming deductibility changes to research and experimentation (R&E) costs? We’ll cover several key areas of interest and let you know how to take advantage of the research tax credit.


  • Get familiar with federal tax laws related to R&E costs and the research tax credit.

Michael DePrima, Principal

June 17 — Building Your Organization’s DEI Framework

Presentation Slides: Building  Your Organization's DEI Framework

Recording: Building Your Organization's DEI Framework

It’s time to get diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) built into your company’s plan. We’ll provide guidance on how to confidently approach conversations across your organization and increase the likelihood of productive exchange.


  • Define concepts of DEI and relate them to your workplace.
  • Understand how to create goals, objectives, and action plans to operationalize principles of DEI and Anti-Racism.

Octavia Gilmore, Principal
Jessica Smith, HR Consultant

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