St. Mary's College of Maryland, c/o 2011

Bachelors of Arts in English Language and Literature


Nazzi Muhammad is a proposal writer in CLA’s Baltimore office with more than 7 years of proposal writing experience. The proposal group she works with assists the offices in the Eastern regions with their proposal needs, from inception to completion. Nazzi combines in-depth researching and analysis with marketing and proposal best practices and trends to create highly-tailored, competitive proposals for the offices she supports.

Along with her proposal writing role, Nazzi leads the Baltimore office’s Diversity and Inclusion group. Since 2017, she and the group have worked diligently to understand the needs of their office and how best to create an inclusive and diverse environment for all. From weekly spotlights highlighting interesting facts about members of the office to activities that get people up, moving and talking, Nazzi encourages that the focus always remain on “going beyond the surface to get to know the depth of one another”.

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