CPA Exam Support

Set yourself up for success.

CLA is here to support you on each step of your professional journey, and one of the major milestones is passing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

We’ve designed the myCPA@CLA program to aid and encourage you to pass the CPA exam early in your career.

How myCPA@CLA works

CPA Exam Review Materials — Employees and committed hires receive review materials at no cost. Once CLA receives a signed offer letter for regular employment of 1,560 annual hours or more, through the duration of employment with CLA, then employees and committed hires are eligible to utilize CLA’s billing arrangement with Becker for review material.

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Time off — Up to four days of paid time off is available to sit for CPA exams.

Pre-Exam Bonus

  • CLA will offer a one-time pre-exam bonus of $2,250 to help cover the cost of exam fees.
  • To receive your pre-exam bonus, complete the CPA Request Form.
  • Send completed CPA Request Form along with your Notice To Schedule (NTS) to MyPeopleSolutions1.

Post-Exam (Completion) Bonus

  • CLA will offer a one-time post-exam bonus of $2,000 to family members that successfully pass the CPA Exam (no eligibility expiration).
  • CLA will offer a larger one-time post-exam bonus of $3,000 to family members that successfully pass the CPA Exam within their first year of employment2.

1Bonus payments are available once actively employed with CLA and are added to a payroll check.

2From the date your offer letter was extended through the first year of your regular status hire date (not an internship), the date you became eligible to sit for the exam, or the date your career path changed making you eligible.

After the exam

CPA license — CLA covers the expense of obtaining the initial CPA license application, including ethics exams. The firm also pays the license renewal fees.

AICPA membership — CLA pays for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) initial application and annual membership dues to support your continued involvement in the profession.

State CPA society membership — CLA covers membership fees for one state CPA society annually.

What if?

I already purchased CPA exam materials — CLA will not reimburse CPA exam review materials that were not purchased through CLA’s bill arrangement.

I already passed the CPA exam — Passing the CPA exam is a major milestone in your career. However, the firm does not reimburse CPA exam sections passed prior to a written offer of employment.

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