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CLA is dedicated to being a career-building firm, where professionals can grow their marketplace value and build lifelong relationships with clients and coworkers. Sometimes that means preparing our people to leave the firm to explore different opportunities. If your career dreams take you beyond the walls of CLA, our alumni career path is the right fit for you. We will work to help you build the skills you need for the next step in your professional journey.

Navigate the alumni career path

Choosing the alumni path is different from giving your two weeks’ notice. If at any point during your time at CLA you identify a different career path that better fits your interests and passion, we encourage you to talk with your career coach. Together, you can collaborate and decide how soon you would like to make your transition, then map out a plan to help you get there. During that time, we will work to help you acquire the skills you will need for your new role outside of CLA.

This infographic illustrates how the alumni path works, from the first step through the finish line.

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CLA alumni path participants — where are they now?

The skills our alumni path participants learn help them to begin new journeys in their life and career. Experience each step of the alumni path through their personal stories.

Advisor Client Reviewing

CLA Alumnus Patrick Speltz Transitions Into the Family Business 

By moving from nonprofits to the trucking and transportation industry, Patrick built his marketplace value while on the alumni career path, which prepared him to join his family’s trucking business.

Did you take the alumni career path?

If you left the firm on the alumni path, share your story with us.

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