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Telecom Advisory

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Reduce the cost of your technology services with a telecom recovery audit.

We can evaluate what your business spends on telecom to help you eliminate waste and save money.

What’s on your mind?

  • Keeping pace with growing demand for connectivity, and the higher more complex costs that accompany it
  • Paying more than you need to for these technology services
  • Paying for services you are no longer fully utilizing
  • Staying on top of changing carrier plans and service offerings
  • Reducing costs without having to switch carriers
  • Finding the time and in-house expertise to examine these expenditures

A unique approach

Phone, internet, wireless, videoconferencing, and voice-over internet protocol (VOIP) are all becoming more integral to business every day. But carrier plans are complex and costs can shift.

We can perform a complimentary preliminary assessment to determine whether a deeper investigation makes sense for your business. Our professionals can dissect your phone and internet bills to identify discrepancies and optimization strategies, preparing a comprehensive report outlining precisely how cost savings and refunds might be achieved.

We have more than 15 years of high-level industry experience from a team that is dedicated to telecom advisory, and we are independent from telecommunications carriers. Our personal attention is backed by the quality and integrity of a professional services firm rooted in public accounting.

Telecom advisory services

  • Investigate contracts against your billing records for overpayment errors and discrepancies
  • Dispute errors, recover credits or refunds, and secure reimbursement from service providers
  • Optimize existing plans and services
  • Report our findings and identify future risks
  • Share solutions that can reduce expenses for future billing cycles without switching carriers

To get started, we will collect one month of your phone, data, and wireless invoices. We will give you a complimentary preliminary assessment, and either forecast your savings and refunds, or give you clean bill of health.