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CLA Intuition® Health Insurance and Penalty (HIP) Calculator

How much will health reform cost my organization?

Our Health Insurance and Penalty (HIP) Calculator provides specific, concrete information that can help you answer that question.

Pricing (Based on One Plan)
Fewer than 100 employees $795
100 – 250 employees $1295
251 – 500 employees $1995
501 – 1000 employees $2495
1001 – 5000 employees $2995
5000+ employees $3495
Each additional plan, policy, or contract $250
Each additional state of operation $250

If you have 50 or more employees, your organization may face penalties under health reform, regardless of whether you offer health insurance to your employees.

Explore the possibilities

The HIP calculator will help you weigh your options — whether that means discontinuing coverage, changing premium contribution levels, or modifying alternate health benefits, such as an HRA. The calculator will also estimate the cost of doing nothing — which in many cases could mean a 25 – 40 percent increase in your benefit costs.

You will receive the following:

  • An analysis of the net effect of health reform penalties on your organization
  • A report estimating the impacts of reform on your specific organization (see sample)
  • A one-hour telephone consultation with a benefits professional to review the report

For additional information, contact CliftonLarsonAllen or download a sample report.

Get Your Personalized Report