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CliftonLarsonAllen understands the day-to-day concerns that demand your attention, and will go beyond typical accounting and tax services to deliver innovative solutions to help your dealership grow.

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A View of the Dealership Industry in the Year 2025

A new report shows that a shift in buying habits, advances in technology, and continued pressure from manufacturers are just three of the trends expected in the dealership industry by 2025.

Newly Clarified Tax Update May Be Advantageous for Dealers

Dealerships that made mandatory image upgrades in recent years (or in the future) may be eligible for tax savings, thanks to recently released IRS regulations.

Keys to a Successful Dealership Acquisition

Review this checklist of items to help you achieve a successful dealership acquisition.

A Comprehensive Approach to Increasing Dealership Value

Two areas that can dramatically impact valuation are new vehicle franchise concentrations with a specific manufacturer, and the unique value proposition of a dealership brand in a market.

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